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Penciler is a powerful web-based tool for multifamily housing development that lets you create and compare many different building options for a site, helping you to make better-informed site acquisition decisions.

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Draw on local data

Penciler draws on local site and zoning data, giving you the ability to test multiple site options in real time and in context. Create many different options for each site with different building programs and zoning constraints.


Visualize your results

A proprietary building layout algorithm designed by UrbanSim allows you to automatically generate buildings and visualize both 2D floorplans and 3D massings in context.

For each building you create you can analyze the costs and possible sources of funds for each option, helping you to better understand the financial impacts of program decisions. Penciler can also help you understand and visualize the effects of a local policy, such as a density bonus or inclusionary requirement. Understand and see your options in a matter of minutes.